Use the community fund to buy the spedn app (workshop)

Turn the Spedn app into a Etsy/ Shopify/Instagram e commerce platform for the already establish network. This will allow companies already on the network to establish a crypto pipeline geared towards people with crypto assets.

While also keeping the core purpose of hands free payment solution in tack.

  • How much Amp is requested?
  • How will the Amp be used?
  • How long will the proposal take to complete?
  • What are the benefits to the Amp community?
  • What experience is required to make this proposal a success?
  • What should be the criteria for determining that the initiative has been completed?

Great idea, Etsy could do with more than just a wake up call. Their merchant fees are brutal, it’s an unabashed cash grab at this point with few worthy alternatives. As a maker of things in 2d, 3d and virtual space I am 100% into this idea. Especially if .STL files for 3D printing could be minted and delivered as an NFT all on one platform using Flexa.

Put the SPEDN pool to work, otherwise we might just have to rebrand the app to " DUKN "


This would be an excellent idea. I personally would have fun with it, by listing a whole bunch of used goods from around the house to sell for crypto.

I don’t particularly feel motivated to set up an ebay, or a craigslist post, or facebook marketplace… yet for some reason, I feel like I’d have the drive to list everything if it was selling for crypto, as a side project.