Quarterly AMA's

The AMP community at large, primarily the sub-reddit, is increasingly eager to hear from the Flexa team as the crypto market continues to evolve and the discussion of crypto payments grows throughout various industries. AMAs are a great way to engage, satisfy and comfort investors and larger communities that support projects. However, defining how frequent a project does an AMA can be a challenge, especially when the team is heads down and hard at work.

I suggest quarterly AMA’s to engage with the AMP community. Why quarterly? Because it allows the team to stay focused without any distractions and gives ample enough time to prepare things to “report” to the community.

Who should attend or speak at the AMAs? One person from the Flexa team. It doesn’t have to be everyone or more than one.

How long should the AMA be? 45 minutes to 1 hour

A few questions that the AMP sub-reddit community has now are the following:

  1. Since El Salvador has happened are we still trying to mainly focus on America?
  2. What’s the direction for the spedn app?
  3. Is there any legal reasons or security reasons on why we can’t see volume or usage on the Flexa network?
  4. Multiple merchants like Lowes and Baskin and Robins have been removed from the spedn app for “updates” for lengthy periods of time. Would Flexa consider this to be the “norm” or in the realm of things to be expected.
  5. Flexa has been working on the same 3 patents for a couple of years. Can they discuss what each one is for? In words we can actually understand? Maybe paraphrase each one in 3 sentences. I’ve read them and they seem to be very vague… is that why Flexa has had to resubmit them multiple times?

I like this idea!!!

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Exactly what people have been asking for.


This needs to happen. The community of AMP holder show their support. Without them Flexa Network wouldn’t survive. These holders would like the AMA in return.

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Excellent idea - I believe this will help alleviate a large portion of the community’s concerns and strengthen new (and even old) investors faith in the project.

You have my support :heavy_check_mark:.

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Got my support, excellent idea. By the way. miss the videos on YT. If this is the same DTA. If it is hope the job is going well.