Merchant Treasury Smart Vault Contract

I thought of a potential idea for using Ampera for creating value for merchants and consumers who access/use the Flexa network.

Idea: Each staker has an option for their desired Merchant(s) accepting digital payments via Flexa network to allocate a portion/percentage of the total staking rewards received every 15 minutes, to be sent to a (new unique) specified “merchant treasury” smart contract vault.

If stakers and merchants opt in, this merchant treasury would be staked to Flexa capacity via smart contract vault. The treasury would grow, accruing value (with potentially an option for staking as well while in the custody of the “Merchant Treasury Smart Contract Vault.” Merchants can use those rewards for distributing reward points back to the wallet which provided a portion of staking rewards, used for creating tailored/customized promotions for the unique wallet, or to even donate to a cause - absolutely up for discussion with merchant & consumer (find out what the consumer would like/find value in). This would keep merchants accountable to their loyal consumer, and the consumer would benefit and feel valued for being loyal. It’s a nice mutualistic relationship. It would also hold the merchant accountable for using funds for the purpose of adding value to consumers, with a transparent and trusted ledger on the blockchain. That way we don’t have to worry about those funds being used for anything other than providing value to their customers :slight_smile:

Stakers can choose to support merchants they are “loyal” to (0-100% of APY they receive in their staking pool on capacity) and it’s automatically secured via smart contract vault on chain. The merchants would only be able to be used for promos or incentives or rewards, I think I’m being redundant - oops!

Kind of like how Brave reward users with BAT, and Users can choose to donate BAT back to websites, however, I don’t think that’s automated, but I’d love to donate X% of each chipotle purchase back to Chipotle, under the understanding, these will later be used to reward my loyalty in the form of swag, a free queso, drink, bogo, etc the sky’s the limit for merchants to be creative.”

I was thinking I, as a staker, would offer a % of the staking rewards I receive every 15 min. Which is compounded within my staking pool. So, I would provide passive collateral/liquidity income to the merchants, allowing that specific merchants to have a "Merchant Treasury Smart Contract Vault,” solely for promotions/rewards.

If this “Merchant Treasury Smart Contract Vault” is facilitated via Ampera (Ampera Vault Mechanism) and is automatically staked to capacity for a certain amount of time on Flexa capacity, it can gain interest and merchants will earn money. But it’s all being provided by me, (us) the staker, who chooses to sign the smart contract with the merchant, and the “Merchant Treasury Smart Contract Vault.” This "Merchant Treasury Smart Contract Vault” can facilitate payments back to the liquidity provider (me) (via Ampera Vault Mechanism) in the form of rewards / promos… or something else.

Heck, there could even be an incentive for choosing to redistribute staking rewards to a merchant, in the form of a free “you name it”, or a discount, etc.

*Note: Rewards do not have to be AMP tokens, and the Merchant would not be required to sell AMP tokens, if Ampera Protocol allows AMP to be provided as collateral (To be voted on via governance). If AMP is voted to be a collateral token, USDC (for example) could be issued to consumers (no selling required for merchants - I think!).
This would create a large use case to allow those merchants to lend liquidity out to all of their franchises for community driven events, as well.
Or the concept could be applied to a “SPEDN” (Any wallet integrated with flexa even) promotional treasury fund (like the 12 days of Flexa).
Or, wallets like Nighthawk could use this same concept to provide deals to wallet users.

*Note: Long term, it can encourage loyalty from customers to merchants, and merchants to customers. And keep both generating income/providing incentives. It will be comforting for the consumer to know that the “Merchant Treasury Smart Contract Vault” is solely for providing more value to the customers (being ledgered in the blockchain).

Additionally, it would be neat for the Merchant to take the funds in their Merchant Treasury Smart Vault, and stake to capacity to grow :slight_smile: That way, over-time, merchants wouldn’t have to rely on as much contribution from customers/stakers, and they will be able to create and generate more liquidity.

Lots of words and word vomit - but idk! Hopefully this is how we create tokenized rewards!