Idea Sharing Template

Appreciate this isn’t necessarily an idea in itself, but I thought that some form of template might help with evaluation and comparison of different ideas that are posted and also point to key information that would be good to be included.

It is not my intention to make sharing an idea arduous, but rather to facilitate the sharing of well thought out ideas (and that is not to say an idea not using a template is not well thought out).

Suggest something along the lines as follows:

Title: Idea tagline

Summary: A short (one paragraph) summary of the idea that is being shared

Additional Detail: Section to provide more detail, including subsections such as who would be involved, benefits, drawbacks and generally an opportunity to provide a rounded account of how the idea would work.

Who does this idea involve?


Drawbacks / Blockers

Other points of note

Happy for if this suggestion is liked for the template to be modified etc, or if not liked for this thread to be removed.


Thanks. This is helpful

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