Idea phase : AMPtoken /NYC mesh inspired reimagining of the waste industry and monopolization of recycling

This model is taken or idea comes from AMPtoken and NYC Mesh (a decentralized internet provider)

Context: “NYC Mesh is a neutral network and we do not monitor, collect, store or block any user data or content. By joining our network you agree to extend it to others!

We can connect your apartment to the internet by putting an antenna on the roof of your building and running a cable to your apartment.”

The idea: to create a decentralized mesh network for recycling.

How it will work: Supernodes (the recycling partners ) And the Nodes (merchants and homes who choose to recycle thru this network)

Nodes will choose to join the network and are given a recycling bin (for now it will be all aluminum cans). During the collection date. Workers will validate and log weight and market price for aluminum from each participant within the network. Workers will then take the aluminum to the recycling super nodes that purchase aluminum. Distribution of sold aluminum will then go back to the stakers in the network.

How will flexa and amp come into play:
By paying all participants in the network with crypto or digital assets through the Flexa rails.

How funds will be distributed
40% will go towards Workers and overhead
50% goes to the network
10% charities and communities within that local mesh network

The aluminum cans industry accounts for 45$ billion with 800 million$ lost to landfills

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