Host a series of educational videos!

Consider a series of educational videos (preferably in multiple languages) on the utility of Flexa Network and AMP token with animations and graphics that are easy to understand. Education is the key to loyalty, awareness, and utilization. It is often hard for the general folks and merchants to understand the benefits of Flexa and AMP. The videos can be incorporated into the Flexa website under Flexa/ Flexa Network Education, the AMP website under AMP Education, and/or YouTube.


I like this idea :slight_smile:

Whilst I understand there is a “lightpaper” in the works somewhere, having educational videos would probably have a greater outreach as I suspect in general people like to sit and watch rather than read.

It could actually have a dual purpose, whereby they could be primarily designed for potential merchants who may be interested in using Flexa but available widely for all to watch.

Appreciate there’s a lot of youtubers out there who have given an overview of how the token works etc. but from a business perspective hearing it from the horses mouth (I would imagine) is preferred.


I’d like to see Flexa sponsor one or more videos on Youtube. Rather than just making a new dedicated channel for Flexa, reach out to someone who already produces high quality educational content in the crypto space with an established base for maximum effect, ex: Whiteboard Crypto.


Honestly it may be worth the effort to have any educational material (including videos) come directly from Flexa or the AMP team. It would certainly be quicker and cheaper to sponsor something already created but sponsoring content implies that a company approves of a content creator’s opinions and runs the risk of any negativity towards that content creator unfairly spilling over to Flexa/AMP. I feel like creating original content would eliminate that risk.

I haven’t heard of whiteboard crypto (though I will be looking them up now), and maybe they are totally legit and are strictly about educating the public about crypto, but it would be putting a lot of trust in an entity not directly associated with the project.


Hey I’m Marc at WØRKS a design agency based in New York. Our team frequently discusses AMP on our morning standup calls and are holders of AMP. We would love to create videos that outline the benefits of AMP, how it works with FLEXA, and how you can it works with spending digital assets. We can create a proposal for this.


This is a great idea! It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. I personally think it would be best to create official videos that could live on the website and/or rather than sponsoring a youtuber.

@marcmoran over at WØRKS posted that his agency could help out so I’m chatting with him about how to get a proposal from them. The one tricky bit is that pricing is a bit of a secretive thing for agencies since it gives their competitors and other clients additional data points so it may make more sense to get a general proposal of what the videos would be and then see if we can work through Flexa to actually issue the payment to keep the exact amounts shielded.

Pretty interesting to see the challenges of bridging the crypto world where everything is open with the traditional business world where cards are held a bit closer to the vest.


I agree it is better not to sponsor a YouTuber who may become a liability or repercussion if that person changes his/her mind about Flexa and/or AMP. Also, it is probably not a good idea to have a YouTuber becoming the face of Flexa or AMP. And yes, it is a whole new revolution to bridge crypto with the rest of the world.

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In a fun coincidence, some community members put together a really great intro video. Check it out!


When I saw this video, I thought of this thread so I went on here to see if, after 4 days, the Idea has already been executed.


A clear indication that the AMP community is on the same page.

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We need more! Can the Flexa team support additional content creation?


I am truly impressed by this video! Guys, excellent job!
Now, let’s do a video on the impact of Flexa/AMP on the whole world’s economy including AMP’s usage on other stuffs besides merchants!

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I like this idea but maybe AMP could start its own official YouTube channel with educational content and or anything related to its token.


Who would it he geared towards? For the individual investors there is loads of education interviews and etc from the team.

If developers and the amp team approve this video and what it expresses I would say it should be promoted on YouTube as and advertisement targeting the crypto demographic. There are several channels that cover the topic of crypto as well as finances and taking advantage of add could help educate the community on what is both the Flexa Network and the AMP token.