Flexa Network stickers, customer pamphlets. and brochures for merchants!

I think giving out three to five stickers per approved merchant, customer pamphlets, and brochures explaining benefits to the merchants. This is a low cost and a great way for Flexa to have a significant increase in exposure. It will dramatically increase public awareness and help recruit more merchants on board as well as a substantial increase in AMP utilization. Flexa Network can even incorporate the QR code link into its sticker. However, the biggest downside of using a QR code is that scammers may stick their own QR code sticker on top of Flexa’s sticker. Therefore, the traditional paper pamphlet may be a better choice.
I think most of us believe in the potential of the AMP token and some of us believe that it would drive itself to greatness if we give it some time. However, time is of the essence and we may miss the opportunity and the time window to flourish if we just are too lax about promoting our favorite token!