"Flexa card" as a secondary option to increase public appeal!

It would be more convenient to have a “Flexa card” that functions like the SPEDN app or Gemini App but in the form of a chip/NFC card being a secondary option to spend your cryptos. While the SPEDN, Gemini, other apps could maintain their original functions for loading and spending cryptos. But having a secondary option in the form of a “Flexa card” can be faster, easier, more familiar, and practical than waiting for a network connection in an app. You can also open multiple “Flexa cards” for your household members or employees. I know some of you may think that this is going backward but imagine the much wider spread of audiences that can utilize Flexa Network with a “Flexa card”!
A Pin code can be programmed with the card. You could also limit the amount spent per transaction and per day. Both mentioned can be done by the app. I think you can link the card straight to an account such as SPEDN but I’ll leave that to the experts. There is always an option not to apply for the card but think of the convenience and widespread usage.
Maybe a payment integration with the phone’s/watch’s NFC chip as per my newer idea!


Another option is always good. How many Amp holders are using the Coinbase card to get rewards and that can be accessed with Apple Pay or a card. Don’t forget Crypto.com makes a big deal out of their different color metal Visa cards that you get for holding through them.

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Those are great points! Thank you!

I think flexa will never make a card I’m assuming they don’t want to be a card issuer. I think wallets that use flexa can choose to create a secondary option for their consumer base if needed to pay with. I think more of what the flexa vision is the that it is a tool. I thought about wrapping the flex code and transmitting it the NFC reader route. But I’m still learning how to code.