Discount on fuel price per gallon at Sheetz

So we know Sheetz has a couple of stores that are up and running…and have seen in the original announcement the intention to be able to “pay at the pump”…with the price of fuel going up, people are always looking for the “cheapest gas around”…

Now we know that people using credit cards at the pump is costing Sheetz whatever 1-3% transaction fee they have on legacy rails…Flexa comes in at just 1/2%…somehow we should be able to find a happy medium where the customer gets a few cents off per gallon when using Flexa…it’s the type of reoccurring transaction that can really start to drive usage…just a rough idea but would appreciate any comments to continue the discussion…maybe even a Flexa sponsored promo to kick things off like they did with the Movies this winter…


I like the idea but that would have to be done on Sheetz end I think, if I am wrong please correct me. If Flexa ends up saving Sheetz money I could see them doing that. Would be like back when Gas Stations used to have CC prices and cash prices for gas. Now it could be CC or Flexa. Yes, I am showing my age with that example.

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My understanding is Sheetz has a rewards program. Your query opens up the whole new universe of rewards being another use case that is hopefully being actively developed in addition to payments.

While often complementary and tied to an actual payment type or network, rewards do not necessarily have to be done in this manner and can be a stand-alone system with or without a Flexa-enabled payment. Rewards in cash, points, coupons, airline miles, gas and even custom NFTs open up a world of possibilities.

Actually I think they need to give a discount period to compete with Credit Cards. I used Gemini Pay for a burrito when it gave me 10% off, but other than that, I will always use my credit card to get up to 3% cash back instead. Getting merchants to want to adopt is easy, they are saving money and fraud etc, but getting users incentive is where I see that gaping hole in the program

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