Consider donating a portion of Flexa's earnings for Healthcare Charity/Charities!

Healthcare Charity/Charities donation with a portion (could be small) of Flexa’s earnings in the form of AMP or fiat money would allow AMP to be the first crypto token that has a significant impact on the health of humankind that I am aware of. It will also paint a very positive image and generate popularity for both Flexa Network and AMP token. Another portion (again, could be small) can go to rebate rewards as I have mentioned in an idea posted on September 23rd.

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Partner with charitable organizations. Why not just start handling crypto donations for charities. Just have the organization mention Flexa and Amp in the thank you’s that go out when someone donates.

Cut the fee by 0.5% for charities, and let it be known that Flexa is doing so unlike other payment rails. The good will that would generate could possible lead to more donations using AMP which could result in more transactions on the network.

Just found the Giving Block tweet about a partnership. Really need more announcements that Flexa is doing things like this.

The last thing you want to do is raise the percentage no matter who’s getting rewarded. That .5% is a lot of money for a big business and the major selling point of AMP. It would destroy AMP before even getting started. The 1% is the only reason I thought AMP had a chance. Raising it will destroy it.

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