Community Fund for Major Advertisements!

I think it would bring popularity and tremendous awareness of AMP token if funds are set aside for strategic internet advertisements and possibly billboards at major highways for Flexa Network and AMP token. This would recruit substantially more merchants into the Flexa Network, and dramatically raise the demand for AMP tokens. TV commercials would cost significantly more and maybe over budget at the current stage of AMP.
Flexa Network does need brand recognition like a “traditional brick and mortar”, and AMP token is a crypto that benefits from popularity. Maybe consider advertising them separately if there is a concern about a conflict of interest.
Most of the people that I personally know have no awareness of what AMP token is?!


I wouldn’t be opposed to that. I think its a great idea. Now if only there was an avenue where amp could find a way to lower gas fees so that more people are able to stake at a reasonable price.

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I drive so fast past billboards that I never know what they say.

how about advertising with a vinyl sticker at the locations that utilize flexa? you could have a "pay with your crypto here’’ to attract attention and a qr code that leads to to educate both actual crypto users and people that are just curious about the qr code cause i know i scan them all the time just cause i can lol


To provide a counter to this, my feelings at this particular point in time are such that specific, targeted advertising is more suitable.

Whilst Flexa can clearly do large scale integrations (see El Salvador), can they actually support lots of requests at the moment? Better to ensure smooth, timely, service delivery at this stage than risk generating interest that can’t be supported.

I think also you may get a better return on your investment targeting Merchants specifically, whereas billboards feel quite general.

What would be extremely interesting (IMO) is if Flexa could sneak into the adverts of their partners, whereby a companies advert could include an “in partnership with flexa” badge of some sort.

If we stick with the El Salvador example, it would be amazing to see this badge on Banco Agricola advert. Appreciate that sticks to an already implemented location. However if big companies demonstrate this support i’d imagine it provides a level of authenticity and endorsement that other companies may be more likely to get on board with.

I think this endorsement could also be achieved with an approach like what @theverylastjedi has suggested.

I have no idea how the advertising world works, other than as a consumer but just my thoughts.

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