Amp rewards modification

I am looking to get people to submit interest in a realignment of staking rewards with locking up staked coins under various time horizons.


Summary: Modify rewards distribution to reward long term staking more than short term staking. People who stake for longer earn a higher APR% than people who stake for shorter periods of time.

Additional Detail: Create 5 Staking rewards options to align the interest of AMP/Flexa with stakers time horizon.

Instant - Staking tokens can be released instantly. This receives the lowest rewards. Something around 3%-5%.

3 Months - Extra 1%

6 Months Extra 1%

1 Year Extra 2%

2 years or more - Target 15%-20%.

This will help to align the interest of AMP/Flexa for long term collateral to secure the network and rewards stakers for locking up for long term time horizons.

Staking rewards should be automatically rolled into the staker pool so the rewards are also lock up to the end of the selected time horizon. EG If user stakes for 1 year, all AMP earned from staking is locked up until the end of the 1 year period.


Incentivizes long term collateral staking which benefits AMP ecosystem.

Reduces short term selling of rewards from large holders who are already locked up for long term. Holders until lock up should not be able to stake and sell anyway as it seems like a work around from the lock up agreement.

Drawbacks / Blockers

None. If the incentives are properly structured, it should allow users to choose their time horizon and get compensated more fairly for the term of the staking lock up.