AMP Grant Committee 2023/2024

The 2023/2024 AMP Grant Committee has been established through a community nomination and voting process in the AMP Discord governance channel. Over the last two weeks, the community voted over 2,500 times to select the committee members. Due to a tie for the 7th slot, the final committee consists of eight community members, who received over 100 votes each, and one member from the Ampera Foundation.

The committee members are as follows:

Member - Discord:

  • Nami - @nami8781

  • Jason Weyl - @jasonweyl

  • FunkmasterAmp - @funkmasteramp

  • 0xampera.eth - @0xampera.eth

  • Meditations - @Meditations#3784

  • Ezric - @ezric

  • Amperaman - @amperaman

  • Going Home Foundation - @goinghomefnd

  • Bubby - @bubby_io

The committee members will serve a term of 12 months, beginning August 1st, 2023. Starting on August 1st will give the grant committee members and the community time to review and respond to the committee rules and the AGP rules.

This proposal is to confirm the 9-member group as stewards of the AGP over the next year.

More about the Amp Grant Program
The AMP Grant Program (AGP) is an important initiative funded by a governance vote. Its purpose is to facilitate the growth of the AMP ecosystem by providing grants for building open-source tools and contracts using Ampera, DeFi and CeFi integrations/partnerships, and other initiatives that support the greater public good.


No offense given to any of the people selected, as they and/or their qualifications are not a part this following opinion:

Every single person should have been elected directly via a governance process and there should have also been a vote prior to decide how many seats there should be.

Governance does not extend to Discord (that was never voted on either) as many of us have been excluded in that process by being blocked and prohibited from participating because of our own opinions and viewpoints.

Governance should be extended to all AMP holders regardless of opinions and your leadership has installed a culture of division and abuse. Blocking any AMP holder from this process is an affront to everything a democratic process stands for.

If you want people to believe that this “governance” is indeed real then decision making needs to adhere to governing principles, whatever those happen to be.

No structure, rules, or processes have been vetted (or voted for) since it began. There’s no rules of governance established or voted on as to how it should work, little guidance given, and arbitrary decision making being done by nameless entities about what even governance should address.

Not to mention the fact that nobody even knows what AMP is anymore, what the future plans are, or what is being done. The whole process is invalid.

Putting nameless people in charge of funding processes they are likely unqualified for isn’t smart or productive. If this is governance why do votes even matter?


You have some valid points. In no way do I speak for Ampera Foundation or any of its team members, but as an objective outsider I have seen them acknowledge that it was not an ideal process and they hope to improve it in the future. Not as an excuse, but as an explanation I think it is more of an all hands on deck to get the protocol ready for audits and a transition to mainnet as soon as possible and not a direct attempt to make the AGC selection process this year exclusionary to any individuals. Just some growing pains and I will continue to provide constructive feedback and offer assistance. I appreciate blunt feedback such as this and thank you for speaking out. I agree that anything that entails any semblance of governance should be done in a venue where there are no “bans” regardless of the reason and Amp-ownership should be the only criteria. That is one of the reasons why the committee as a whole is being confirmed on-chain.


I hear you but I do not see your view here as totally objective. Frankly there has been 5 years since 2019 and numerous reiterations of this platform.

“was not an ideal process” “hope to improve it in the future” is exactly zero explanation and frankly shuns excuses completely with silence. Nothing has been delivered as promised in nearly 3 years.

The “new white paper” delivered “in weeks” is if I recall right, is what, six months ago? Just the latest example. Shopify (on the Flexa site since early 2020) never delivered or explained in detail. Numerous partnerships touted delivered nothing. Never rolled out to scale. What ever happened to the money that got hacked?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Even under intense and very valid pressure to NOT do so (by me for one) and clearly seeing the damage done to the community by said actions, those actions continue in silence. Nobody is going to get rid of naysayers or critical views, ever. It’s a futile endeavor and always ends badly. Especially when it’s valid. You can only shine a turd, not cash it in.

“not a direct attempt to make the AGC selection process this year exclusionary to any individuals”

Then why are those with differing opinions blocked by AMP’s hand picked cheerleaders from participating by avenues of discourse on EVERY platform? The rest you got right. It just needs to be transparent.

They’ve had 5 years. These problems shouldn’t exist.

One more thing, I take a lot of flack from this community and I do so because I care. I’m doing it because my experience shows me that something here is rotten. I’m not blind, deaf, or will I ever be muted.

In fact, I care more than any of those names above simply because I’m willing to not turn a blind eye and accept nonsense as an answer, ever. And no, I still don’t want a nomination btw.

My bad. Thought you were providing feedback on the AGC election process and not just general bitching and moaning for the past five years. Carry on.

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It’s all part and parcel. I apologize if you don’t see it that way but I think asking people to continue a rediculously flawed governance process after everything else in the past is simply ignored and left unanswered or vaguely discussed, is the pinnacle of Mount Stupidity.

I call em like I see em. My money is involved and I don’t take that lightly. There’s far too many unknowns for AMP that should not be be copy and pasted over like it never happened.

It’s pure unadulterated ignorance and a complete abdication of responsibility for there to be a directionless protocol making future decisions based on “hope” and oddly connected hyperbole.

Many people are blocked from participating in Discord and other channels. So how is this a fair representation of holders and complete process when anyone with something important to say is banned from doing so?

Let’s just start there if you like.

Oh and I don’t want to hear about hostility or how things are worded by me. I mean what I say. How it’s interpreted by other people with limited context isn’t my problem.

Facts are facts.

Ampera Foundation didn’t exist until January of 2023. I acknowledged and the team acknowledged that a process with on-chain voting is preferable and will be worked on. I understand your frustrations, but you lose the high ground with unsubstantiated criticisms over irrelevant past events from a different organization. This is a new opportunity completely separate from Flexa and some are choosing to be advocates for change and molding the future potential while some are stuck in the past. I defend your right to voice your opinions, but you need to ask yourself if you are serving your best interests or providing unnecessary noise and confusion. Constructive criticism should always be welcome, but baseless allegations of past perceived sleights when AF didn’t even exist is pointless and counter-productive. Please add your feedback of how you would like to see things change in the future. The slate is clean and AF will become whatever the collective talents of the community envision for it. Be the change.


I am on the high ground already.

I don’t care when this “foundation” started. When was that voted on? Governance existed before it. Just because you change a name doesn’t mean you change association, or for that matter disassociate from it’s history.

This is a bad start to discussing reality. Disavowing the past for what is now suddenly claimed to be new? Well, stake holders/investors were not born yesterday.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I just say the quiet part out loud?
I’m not supposed to directly point at and call out the multiple failures and shady wording being used to claim superiority? Ooops. Sorry.

Flexa has zero to do with what I’m discussing here (at the moment) other than using it as a direct example of multiple failures involving this token and its founders.

How are these unestablished criticisms? They are founded in plain fact.

I am serving the best interest of every stakeholder that is afraid to speak, for fear of being shouted down like you are attempting to do (nicely, but with ill intent because your trying to paint over history) to me right here. There’s plenty of us. I’m not alone.

The slate is not clean just because you claim it to be so. You aren’t an arbiter of that discussion. The stakeholders are.

Paint any narrative you want. The old one isn’t leaving just because YOU moved on or don’t want it to be discussed. It matters, not in part, in WHOLE.

We never even voted on founding a foundation. Nor was there any discussion of it’s actual legality. It’s blatantly illegal to form a not-for-profit on the back of a for profit entity.

Slice it anyway you want. There were prior for profit entities tied directly to this token. You can run. You can’t hide.

Why not just provide verifiable answers every question I asked above and explain the problems I’ve noted instead of trying to cover up the past with the lie of denial?

Sorry I said the quiet parts out loud again. My bad.

gm everyone, I’ve taken the time to review the comments regarding this proposal and believe it would be beneficial to provide some clarification on a couple key points:

Firstly, I want to emphasize that AMP governance is not a DAO.

Secondly, it’s important to note that the Ampera Foundation is an independent entity with the specific goal of supporting and advancing the AMP ecosystem.

Because AMP governance is not a DAO, it is not necessary to hold votes for matters such as establishing the Ampera Foundation, determining the number of seats on the Amp Grant Committee, or selecting individual committee members separately.

Moving forward, Ampera protocol governance will transition to an on-chain system. This will enable AMP token holders to use their tokens to vote on protocol changes, such as adding new collateral tokens, updating collateral factors, updating liquidation factors, and more. However, it’s important to note that this governance process does not grant AMP holders the ability to determine the direction of the Ampera Foundation.

I hope this clarification proves helpful.


I’m not sure why anyone would block him on other platforms?
In 12 months when we vote again for AGC hopefully our community will be 10X in size with even more exceptional talent to choose from. Expanding voting to Twitter Communities would be something I recommend. I’m sure any feedback on improving the voting process will be greatly appreciated and given consideration.

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“this governance process does not grant AMP holders the ability to determine the direction of the Ampera Foundation.”

This is why discussion about what exactly is going to happen is necessary in ADVANCE. Had you done this with full transparency then you would have avoided a ton of confusion. Instead you choose to muddy the water and allow for detraction, confusion, and any number of negative forces. Festering abuse and divisiveness.

Now do you get it after I’ve said it for 3+ years? You’re the ones driving the division. Not people like me who just want transparency and accountability in place.

  1. So where are the bylaws for governance? It’s a not-for-profit so those should be published in full. There’s a set of rules. What are they?

(Note: I still believe the foundation is an illegal set up off the back of a for profit enterprise which is illegal.)

  1. Who’s actually in charge of making decisions about the overall direction? Nameless decision makers need to be held accountable and should be required to be held accountable under the terms of the foundation.

If not, the entire thing is IMO worthless. That’s a dictatorship or authoritarianism. Not a foundation.

I thank you for this. I’ve only ever called for transparency and accountability at every level. As I have done so those who headed those platforms (up to and including today) have purposefully shouted down what I do because they view it as negativity.

I first used a gentle tone. I later and do now use a harsher tone because that’s what is required due to the secrecy and lack of knowledge as to what this token was, is now, and will be.

Some of that is painful, but I’ve never lied. They just don’t like it. The fact is, negative things can also be true and they shouldn’t be ignored, pasted over, or legitimized.

That’s where we are today. Questioning the legitimacy of knowns and unknowns alike.

They just see me as a harbinger of terror. I see me as shining a light on darkness.

Imo, there are many dark places with AMP left ignored. Seemingly on purpose. It reeks of collusion by insiders. Despite repeated, valid, and important calls for transparency by literally every single AMP holder. Nobody would have a problem with that. Even if the metrics and truth looks like garbage. At least we will know “what’s up”.

My message to the leadership, whoever that is now: Stop the shenanigans. Be upfront. Don’t let things that need to be said go unsaid. Stop being fearful and start being proactive with honesty. No matter how hard it is.

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Ampera Foundation is registered in BVI and follows all of their rules. You are free to look up details of this entity as others have done.

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That’s not what I asked for. I asked for the bylaws.

Bylaws are an organization’s internal operating rules.

I have read the by-laws and you can too. Once more, they are registered in BVI and you can avail yourself of the means to research the organization to your heart’s content. They owe you nothing. Ampera Foundation is an independent organization that has a structure where they are controlled by both directors and members. You have no governance rights over this organization and they have no disclosure duties to you. This independent foundation is developing the Ampera Protocol that will be open-source and where the governance will be controlled by AMP holders. That is where you will have your say in how it operates and not with the foundation.


“They owe you nothing.”

Still doesn’t answer the questions I posed which you still seem to be feigning just out of blatant ignorance in the face of reality at this point. You like to give non-answer answers.

Fact is, it’s all not legal from the lawyers I’ve spoken to. There is a for profit entity tied directly to the token itself.

Remember those words in quotes above. They will come back to bite you. The lack of transparency and accountability being shown is deadly.

If I decide that there is not sufficient transparency for me to make an informed decision then I will move on. I will not throw a tantrum and demand something that is not owed to me. There is no requirement for anyone to continue holding this and each (including yourself) should evaluate if holding this meets your goals, objectives and personal criteria. I have done deep due diligence and I happen to believe that there will be a much better exit someday. I will stick around as long as this is true.

I don’t owe you anything, either. You are welcome to do your own DD and make your decisions based on what you find. Frankly, demanding others bow to your demands when they have no obligation or duty is childish. Wish you the best with your decisions. Evaluate all known facts and make the best decision for yourself. That is all any of us can do.

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You are mistaken on this opinion, which is clearly not “fact” as you claim. What is this for profit entity tied directly to the token? It certainly isn’t Ampera Foundation that is clearly registered as a not for profit organization. It certainly isn’t Flexa Network Inc that is not tied directly to the token. Do your research: The Amp token was developed jointly by Flexa and ConsenSys. It is currently (as from the beginning) an open-source, permissionless utility token that anyone can utilize. Flexa is currently choosing to use this AMP utility token with their Flexa Capacity contract. The Ampera Foundation has expressed they will use the Amp token as a governance token for the Ampera Protocol. NOBODY owns or controls the Amp contract. The keys are burned and nobody could change it if they wanted to. It is not tied to any organization whether for profit or not for profit.

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Man, I’ve done DD for 20+ years. Who exactly do you believe you’re dealing with here? I used to have your convictions then I realized it’s not correct to see things as black and white alone.

You haven’t done the DD you think you have. That’s my assessment. I’m sure that will make you mad, but you’re predictable to a fault.

This is no tantrum. This information IS OWED to everyone. Including you. I’ve stated facts. No hyperbole. Stripped of nonsense.

See, you lost the plot before you even started talking. The way you reply to people isn’t productive. Be stubborn. That’s fine. Have convictions, that’s fine too.

Yet, I literally know everything you’re going to say before you say it. How? Because I used to be you and I’ve learned that honesty is what matters.

They have my money, as well as thousands of others, trapped with no visibility. That’s not cool andnit wouldn’t happen if there was accountability and transparent behavior taking place.

The fact that you defend these illegitimate actions only shows that you are the one throwing a tantrum.

You just don’t like the truth being so plainly stated. I’m not here for you Anon. It’s everyone else’s opinion who has been silenced that matters.

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“You are mistaken on this opinion, which is clearly not “fact” as you claim”

Both the FC and AMP are tied to the Founding of Flexa. Even if those links can be “shown” or “narrative driven” as indirect, courts won’t see it that way.

You’re wrong bud. You don’t know what you think you do. I have money involved. If you think I don’t have my attys looking at this stuff you’re bananas. I’m far from broke and all this going poof would be a blip.

I’m not the one spreading ignorance here.