Affiliate Type Program For Getting New Merchants Onboarded

Hello I wanted to put forth a suggestion as a way to not only grow the Flexa network, but also reward those that help expand the network.

Would it be possible to build out a smart contract system that would allow anyone to help set up a merchant with the capability to accept payments of cryptocurrency through the Flexa network and in exchange that person that set that relationship up, or integrated the Flexa network into the merchants POS for them, would receive a reward in AMP.

I am not a programmer and still learning how the technology side of crypto actually works but in essence it would be an affiliate program type system. I’m incentivized to go out and help small businesses get set up on the system by being rewarded and the small business will then be able to help grow the community, and i think we all understand how this helps the small business.

I could see this either like a Bounty system where for every one new merchant I help get on boarded i get ‘X’ amount of AMP, or as a continuous service agreement where i get .1% of every transaction that provider or merchant receives in perpetuity, .1% as an example.

This is all just a rough idea, the overall concept is just a way to incentivize me for spending my time helping merchants get established onto the network so they can accept payments. Win-Win-Win, I think, there might actually be reasons that i don’t fully understand yet, why this might be a bad thing. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this, thanks!


This would make each and every single AMP holder a potential Sales rep for Flexa. I love the concept! Not sure about the regulatory considerations on this but definitely something worth looking into.


There are a ton of dispensaries around me that can only take cash at the moment. Something like this would help them tremendously. If I had incentive to work my job a little less and be a part time sales rep I’d be all about it.

Flexa would deny them due to the money laws. Still considered illegal.

Flexa hasn’t on-boarded small businesses and does not respond to inquiries about them. You would in effect be an employee and figuring out how to pay you and train you would be a nightmare. Flexa and AMP should consider hiring a major company and stop playing around with Youtubers and wasting time.

@TopherMacheli I am on board with your track of thought. @mrz I think its time we find a sub contract and sell the POS systems like credit card companies have authorized sales agents/vendors selling POS systems to all small business’. Does anyone know if AMP already has a developed POS system for US like what they used in San Salvador?