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Maybe this is a long shot, but the ETH network is overloaded by gaswars fueled by NFT Drops. NFT Projects are coming up with new ways to mitigate this issue but it is still a problem generally speaking. This might be a long shot, but Is there a way to use AMP as collateral when submitting these transactions so that they get approved instantly, then the actual tx submitted on normal gas? Would payments need to happen on AMP directly? There’s got to be a way AMP can be used to help high gas problems within the NFT world.


Rebate reward using AMP token:
One of the biggest drivers of utilization is purchasing rewards in the form of a product purchase percentage. If AMP token can be used as a form of reward to the consumer then I am sure it’ll be greatly beneficial to the flourishment of the Flexa network. My understanding is Flexa charges the merchant 1% for the transaction fee. If Flexa can raise that percentage to 1.5% and give 0.5% to the consumer as a rebate in the form of AMP token or conversion to fiat money then the utilization of crypto would be much more appealing. However, if the Flexa team thinks raising the fee to 1.5% would be sour for the merchants then keep it at 1%, but try to give 0.25% - 0.5% to the consumer. Just a little return would create publicity and jump in usage. Even though 0.5% would cut the profit to half, but then it creates loyalty. The loyalty itself with usage should more than compensate the loss in profit margin.
Keep up the good work!

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Yes! The site we’re using for this has a leveling system to help us avoid spam that limits who can submit new threads based on how long they’ve been a member of the community, how many pages they’ve visited, and more. I will revert back shortly with the rules for new threads and I’ll make sure it’s unlocked for community posting.