2022 Quarterly Roadmap

Post a Roadmap for 2022 quarters to let the holders know what the overall plans and goals for AMP are for the coming year.

One of the main complaints people have is a lack of information, posting a Roadmap would alleviate some of this. While things always get delayed or new opportunities arise which can cause some projects to be put on hold to deal with the new development a general outline for the year would be useful. Also to see the goals being accomplished even small ones would increase confidence in the project.

This paired with the quarterly AMA that DesiretoAchieve suggested could work well together.


the AMPtoken roadmap is decided on the community the flexa roadmap is tied to the flexa team.


I like this idea. Will pitch it internally.


@Chris do you have any news about it?

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@Chris any sort of roadmap would be appreciated. Any updates on this?